Lies she told
ann y.k. choi

She nodded her head
Instead of shaking it because it was easier
So he sat next to her, proud and content
Believing that he had found his weaker half
A follower who would serve him loyally
Bear him sons, care for him in his old age

She heard voices
She had agreed to take care of
His mother, his father, their goldfish too
His mother told her he only ate Korean food
She nodded
Did she cook Korean food?
She nodded
Was she a good cook?
She nodded
A better cook than his own mother?!
She nodded

Back and forth
Back and forth
One day to his great horror
Her head dropped off and fell into his arms
Horrified, he threw it out the window

It landed in a tree
In a nest,
Hidden, far from anyone’s view