my to-do list

Updated: March 30, 2020

(in random order)


Want to do

Skydive Fly in a helicopter
Visit all 10 Canadian provinces Visit the Canadian territories
See all 5 Great Lakes Visit Labrador
Travel solo, fly solo Live somewhere in Europe for a year
Guitar lessons See Billy Joel play at Madison Square Garden
Live alone Create my family tree
Celebrate a birthday in Paris See the Northern Lights
Go to Disneyland in Tokyo Learn to juggle
Get a tattoo Take a hair styling class
Visit the Temple of Apollo in Delphi (Greece) Learn sign language
Read Moby Dick Visit Iceland
Laser eye surgery Paragliding
Jump up and down on the Great Wall of China Drive across Canada
Take a photography class Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Milk a cow Visit all 7 continents
Perform at Roy Thomson Hall Rappelling at Cape Enrage at Bay of Fundy
Take a guided tour of South Korea Take in a performance at Carnegie Hall
Start a blog New Year’s Eve at Times Square
Write and publish a novel Write a song
Organize a scavenger hunt Take a tap dance class
Whale watching Learn to drive stick shift
Change careers Write a memoir
Ride a double decker bus in London Ride a gondola in Venice
Fly a kite on a beach Send a message in a bottle
Bake a cheesecake Drive a racing car
Eat pizza in Italy Be an extra in a film or TV show
Teach a child to tie shoelaces Be a member of a studio audience
Be part of a flash mob dance Sleep in a castle
Be in a parade Declutter home and computer files
Master’s Degree in Creative Writing Watch more foreign films
Take a year off from work Learn to read and write in Korean
Be a Jedi for a day Learn to write with my left hand
Sing in public Plant a tree
Write a children’s book Publish a collection of poems
Write a second novel Become a full-time writer


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