Learning English With Billy Joel


This was the prompt I was given

I’ve been thinking a lot about my early years as an ESL student and remembered something I wrote a while back for The Litter I See Project.  Canadian writers are given a picture of litter and asked to write a response inspired by  the debris.  All of this is done to support Frontier College and their work to promote literacy.

I got an image of a broken record as my prompt. That led me to write about how listening to Billy Joel back in the late 1970s helped me learn English. Click here to read more.

Some of my favourite Billy Joel songs (in no particular order):

A Matter of Trust
Falling of the Rain
Everybody Has a Dream
I’ve Loved These Days
It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me
This Is The Time To Remember
Piano Man
An Innocent Man
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Summer Highland Falls
The Ballad of Billy the Kid
I Go to Extremes
Scandinavian Skies
Streetlife Serenader
Miami 2017
Where’s the Orchestra

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